What Mary & Joseph Knew About Parenting

I absolutely love the book What Mary & Joseph Knew About Parenting by Rick Osborne. It is a guide offering biblical insight into parenting, advice for raising Godly kids as well as practical tips for handling situations.  The chapters are short (approx. 3 to 5 pages each). Chapters include:

  • Giving your child a purpose driven life.
  • Teaching your child how to get along with others.
  • Helping your child get to know God.
  • Teaching your children to be wise.
  • Peer proofing.
  • Trusting God when parenting hurts.

 A must read for every parent; you will read it over and over again.

FYI: I am not selling or advertising this book. It is simply a great read and I am keen to share.


What Are You Asking For?

On second thought, perhaps I should have titled this post “What are you not asking for?” A lot of us go through life hoping for much yet asking for nothing. We have high expectations yet refuse to initiate contact. Some ask amiss; You want a mansion but are praying for a bungalow.

God knows we have needs even before we ask but why do we refuse to ask? Do you think He is incapable? Do you think you would be bothering the Creator of all things or disrupting His already full schedule?

The bible tells us to “ask that we might receive”.