What...Failure Can Be Good?

I love Seth’s blog and books for the simple reason that he gets you thinking and possibly causes a shift in your attitude or actions. This time, he is talking about failure and how such an experience can work in our favour ultimately if we learn from rather than dwelling on it, we can sharpen the saw and emerge better.

"I try hard not to keep a running tally of big-time failures in my head. It gets in the way of creating the next thing. On the other hand, when you see failure as a learning event, not a destination, it makes you smarter, faster.”

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Why do you do what you do?

A friend of mine recently asked me why I created this blog and why I decided to call it Christian Business Woman? My response was that this blog allows me to fully express my interests and the very things that are important to me. For me Christianity is not my religion but my way of life and when speaking to people in the business realm its often quite tricky or considered outright inappropriate to bring up ones spiritual beliefs. I am also a woman (as well as a wife and mother) which means I’m often wearing different hats. Here on this blog, I can express all those different elements without appearing unprofessional or inappropriate. Why do you do what you do?



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Small Business Week 2008

BT’s Small Business Week commences Monday, 13th October 2008. It promises lots of free information and advice through daily, webinars, competitions, face to face events and opportunities to be marched with mentors. For further information, visit the website.