Boost your business in 2009

The current economic environment makes people just want to pack it all up, throw their arms in the air and give up. As children of The Most High, let us walk in faith trusting in God’s word, standing on His promises. Apart from prayer (that’s a given) here are a few things to give your business a boost:

Talk to your customers
Find out what they like about your service more importantly find out what they would like you to improve on. Are there additional services that you could provide? Encourage them to talk to you by being accessible and approachable. Ensure that you offer them various ways of contacting you if/when they choose to.

Say thank you

Reward Referrals
Encourage people to send you referrals by offering incentives for recommendations. And as much possible, acknowledge the source of each referral by saying thank you.

Provide Added Value
Educate your clients about new and existing services. Customize your product or services if applicable.

Reduce unnecessary spending by re-using office stationery.

Form Partnerships
Join forces with complimentary businesses as this allows for cross referrals. Forming an alliance with a similar business with a different specialty could increase your chances of winning projects as it enables you to tap into diverse skill and resource reservoir.

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Business Women's Symposium

Don't miss the 2009 Business Women's Symposium, visit for more details.


Thank you

I have learnt the true value of expressing ones heart felt thanks. Everyone wants to be appreciated, acknowledged and valued; it really is an innate attribute of mankind. On the receiving end, a show of appreciation makes us feel all gooey, and for some reason we are even swept with a renewed feeling of wanting to repeat the cause of thanks or completely going overboard with acts of kindness.

In your business, particularly in your marketing efforts, take the time to thank people who have been supportive, provided you with invaluable information, referred a new client or simply taken the garbage out for you, just so that there was one less thing for you to concern yourself with.

That being said I'd like to thank everyone that stops by to read my posts here. To all that drop me emails with questions and little words of encouragement. And of course all those who have recommended this blog to their friends.


Spotlight: Sandra Hersey

Sandra Hersey is a Christian Life Coach for Women, Author, Motivational Speaker, and the Founder of G.I.R.L.S (Girls Inspiring Real Life Success). Sandra believes that everyone has a purpose in life and should pursue it with passion. As a life coach and minister Sandra’s primary focus is helping women discover their gifts, strengths and inner power, and to lead more successful lives.

CBW: Why did you decide to start your business?
SH: I really was already "coaching" women even before I started my Life Coaching for Women business. I had already been mentoring women, and as a minister I knew that I could help women in all areas of their lives. So my Life Coaching for Women began.

CBW: How would you describe your ideal client?
SH: My ideal client is any woman who wants change in her life, whether it be change in her body, change in her relationships, change in their careers, or change in their spiritual lives.

CBW: What advice would you give someone going through change (business, family, relationship etc)?
SH: No one likes change; change is hard. However, change can be very rewarding if we learn to see the good in what is happening. Everything that is bad can have some good in it. There are life lessons in everything. Change no matter how difficult is good!

CBW: How important is getting the right support when going through change or entering a different phase?
SH: Support is essential! Whether that support is a loved one, or a professional. As we go through changes in our lives, we need a support system in place to keep us on track and to spur us on through the "scary stuff."

CBW: Do you have any tips on how one can discover their life's purpose?
SH: Discovering one's life purpose is one thing that both as a minister and a life coach I can help with. I believe we all have a purpose in life. We just need help in being steered in the right direction to find what our purpose is. For me helping women is my passion and therefore, my purpose.

CBW: What do you consider a challenge to being your own boss?
SH: I have been my own boss for over 25 years. I have owned several businesses both with my husband and by myself. Challenges come every day. It is important to look at those challenges from every angle to get a grasp of what is really happening; then take action. Discipline is very important when being your own boss, especially if you are working from a home office as I do.

CBW: What words of wisdom would you offer someone just starting out in business?
SH: Perseverance! Learn it and live by it. Hard work brings about rewards. When things don't happen like you expect, persevere.

Please visit Sandra’s website and blog to learn more about her.


Write the Vision

In trying to move our businesses and personal lives forward, it is important to not only set goals but to put pen to paper and write them down. It makes us accountable to God, ourselves and possibly others and serves as the yard stick by which we can measure our achievements. Writing your plans and goals is an evidence of your commitment towards your goal. Taking the time to write them down takes some soul searching and possibly research; it should be a well thought out process that causes us to define what we are aiming for and critically determine the resources required to get us there.

Praise the Lord, 2009 is here! I stopped making new year resolutions years ago, instead I critically and prayerfully look at things I want to change or achieve in my life at intervals and when/where necessary set a goal.

Irrespective of whether you are for or against new year resolution, take this time to critically assess your business and determine what it is you want to improve on or change and set some defined goals for yourself. When you’re done writing, keep it where you can read and reflect on it every day. This will serve as your motivation, give you some focus and be a constant reminder that you are on your way to bigger and better things.

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” - Habakkuk 2:2 (King James Version)

Wish you success, favour and joy!