Boost your business in 2009

The current economic environment makes people just want to pack it all up, throw their arms in the air and give up. As children of The Most High, let us walk in faith trusting in God’s word, standing on His promises. Apart from prayer (that’s a given) here are a few things to give your business a boost:

Talk to your customers
Find out what they like about your service more importantly find out what they would like you to improve on. Are there additional services that you could provide? Encourage them to talk to you by being accessible and approachable. Ensure that you offer them various ways of contacting you if/when they choose to.

Say thank you

Reward Referrals
Encourage people to send you referrals by offering incentives for recommendations. And as much possible, acknowledge the source of each referral by saying thank you.

Provide Added Value
Educate your clients about new and existing services. Customize your product or services if applicable.

Reduce unnecessary spending by re-using office stationery.

Form Partnerships
Join forces with complimentary businesses as this allows for cross referrals. Forming an alliance with a similar business with a different specialty could increase your chances of winning projects as it enables you to tap into diverse skill and resource reservoir.

More coming soon….



Geraldine said...

I just found this blog and I just know I am going to be a regular here. Thanks for sharing Tirzah.

2 March 2009 at 12:24