Why do you do what you do?

A friend of mine recently asked me why I created this blog and why I decided to call it Christian Business Woman? My response was that this blog allows me to fully express my interests and the very things that are important to me. For me Christianity is not my religion but my way of life and when speaking to people in the business realm its often quite tricky or considered outright inappropriate to bring up ones spiritual beliefs. I am also a woman (as well as a wife and mother) which means I’m often wearing different hats. Here on this blog, I can express all those different elements without appearing unprofessional or inappropriate. Why do you do what you do?



Amber Vlangas said...

This is a great blog, I can relate to how it is sometimes difficult to interject your beliefs into the business world! It is most effective to lead by example, and you will be surprised how your upright business practices and overall attitude will lead people to wonder "what you have" that they don't. Being an example is a witness in and of itself.
I work as a consultant to nonprofit organizations. I do what I do because I genuinely like to make a difference in the world. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for quite a while (an in a variety of different capacities and positions), I saw a trend in the challenges that all nonprofits face having to do with management and resource issues. As a consultant, I can use my experience and expertise to help a variety of organizations become more effective and efficient (through better management practices, staff/volunteer training, fund-raising assistance, grant research/writing and pr/media relations/marketing). In turn these nonprofits are able to help so many people and make a true impact on our communities. I am fortunate enough to create my own schedule and work from my home, which gives me the flexibility to be the wife and mother that the Lord leads me to be.

Amber Vlangas
Everyday Christian Mom
A. Vlangas Consulting

26 October 2008 at 19:14
Tirzah said...

Hi Amber,

You are right, leading by example is certainly the way to make a difference in the business arena. I particularly love the fact that you seem passionate about what you do and you sound like you really enjoy it. That to me is an indication that you are where you are meant to be and doing what you ought to.


27 October 2008 at 12:11