Don't Know What Business to Start

I received an email last week, which I would like to share for your advice and input. I NEVER publish emails sent to me, but the writer stated that in addition to my opinion she would like to hear from other Christian women and asked if I would post it on my blog. Here goes…

“I have toyed with the idea of contacting you for a while but finally just feel I really need some support. I have wanted to start my own businesses for ages. I am stuck on the fact that I do not know what kind of business to start. I have read lots of books and sought the Lord but after several years I have still not made any progress. I continue to work in positions I do not like which adds to my misery. I do not seem to have any clearly defined passions or interests and the fact that I am a quick learner adds further mystery to my strengths; I seem to be a jack of all trades but master of none.

Do you know other women that have experienced anything similar and know how they overcame it? Do you have any advice? Please support me in prayer.”

Please offer your opinion, support and advice.
p.s. I respectfully ask that you do not post any ads.