When the going gets tough – Part I

As though the challenges of starting and running a business aren’t enough, we have everyday personal challenges to further complicate our lives. How do you deal with difficult and serious situations in your various non business relationships, sickness, personal losses etc. and keep your businesses running without your business grinding to a halt under the strain of your personal challenges?

My mother is seriously ill (even though I am thankfully believing God for her complete healing) and it can be pretty challenging updating this blog and keeping up with my other commitments under the strain. But I thank God for encouraging me and keeping me strong. I have drawn so much strength from reading His word and worshipping him. I recently read a comment on a blog (don’t remember the name) that overcoming challenges in life is 95% our reaction and 5% finding a solution, and I find this to be so true. Bearing that in mind, everytime I feel a little discouraged I get into the Word of God (even when I’m not feeling quite like it) to re-align my focus and I find so much strength in this. I encourage you to find scriptures applicable to your personal challenges and meditate upon them even when things look bleak. God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19), let His word work in your life